Finance blood in the water ($900B wasted on digital transformation) is why neobank Chime is $15B, and why Uniswap could be next

This week, we look at:

  • PwC estimating that $900 billion has been wasted on digital transformation projects for enterprise, meaning finance is vulnerable

  • Chime is worth $15 billion in the latest round of valuation, same as $200B+ depository bank Fifth Third, which is quite the achievement

  • Decentralized exchange Uniswap distributing 60% of its token to the community, flipping the ownership and value accrual model

As a thought experiment — today, if you want to save for a house, you may create a financial plan in Betterment and wait for the portfolio to accrue. Tomorrow, you may bring cashflows to a housing protocol which intermediates property markets, and build your portfolio directly into your desired goal of buying a house. Your stated selection and articulation of that goal, by choosing the housing protocol, generates value on its own through rewards, participation, governance, and various interest rate products.