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Fintech Nexus is a digital media company delivering trusted content to 180,000+ fintech builders, bankers, and investors. 

Our newsletters include Fintech Nexus News and The Fintech Blueprint which publish original content Monday-Friday. Other popular offerings include webinars, white papers, podcasts and bespoke events. 

We began our journey in 2010 as a blog called Lend Academy, focused on the peer to peer lending space and soon evolved to cover all of fintech. In 2013 we launched events. Over 10 years, we produced more than 30 large-scale events around the world. In 2023, we sold our events division to Fintech Meetup and returned to our roots as a focused digital media business.

The financial revolution is just getting started and in the next decade the entire backbone of financial services will be rebuilt. In this tumultuous and ever-changing world, Fintech Nexus is your guide.