Podcast 312: Dan Snyder of Lower

The home mortgage space has been undergoing a transformation over the past couple of years.

We have seen fintech lenders grabbing market share as they were best suited to grow during the pandemic when everything went virtual.

There has been so much innovation that financing a home is no longer the long and painful process that it historically has been.

Our next guest on the Fintech One•On•One podcast is Dan Snyder. He is the CEO and co-founder of Lower. They have been flying under the radar until recently but they are part of the new breed of fintech lender that is digitally native and growing rapidly.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • The founding story of Lower and how it interfaces with Homeside.
  • Dan’s perspective on the housing market today.
  • The four product offerings they promote.
  • Why their focus is just on the homeownership journey.
  • How they combine the human touch and technology.
  • Their approach to underwriting.
  • How they differentiate themselves from other digital lenders.
  • Why they decided to bootstrap their business without outside capital.
  • Why they chose Accel as their investment partner.
  • The story behind the naming rights for the MLS stadium in Columbus.
  • The scale they are at today.
  • How they are funding their loans.
  • The different channels they are using to acquire customers.
  • Dan’s view of the public markets.
  • The vision for Lower.

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  • Peter Renton

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