PitchIt Podcast #64: Lily Liu of Piñata

Piñata comes in and helps them get credit for the rent they’re paying. Piñata reports rental payments to the bureaus and offers rewards so renters can shop or save.

Lily Liu
Lily Liu

Lily and I discuss some of the misconceptions about renters, the credit scoring system, her time politics, the psychology behind rewards for renters, raising capital, surfing, and a whole lot more.

Without further ado, I present Lily Liu, Founder & CEO of Piñata. I hope you enjoy the episode.

Episode discussion points include:

  • Lily’s journey to Piñata
  • Her background in the public sector
  • The problem Piñata is solving for renters
  • Lily has paid more than $350,000 in rent
  • The different renter cohorts
  • Transparency is the biggest problem with the credit scoring system
  • Rewards are the primary reason renters sign up for Piñata
  • Homeownership is better solved by the private sector
  • Homeownership is not the dream it once was
  • $20 or $30 in cash back can be a big deal for consumers
  • “You don’t know what you don’t know”
  • “Stay persistent”
  • Recommended watching – The Offer on Paramount+

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