PitchIt Podcast #36: Jordan Wright of Atomic

In episode 36 I talk with Jordan Wright of Atomic Financial.

Atomic is the trusted way for people to connect their payroll accounts to an app. Payroll connectivity has started to take off in fintech with the innovation from firms like Atomic. 

Access to payroll data can give financial services firms real-time insight into an individual’s current job status, income, and much more. Atomic is helping to eliminate the data lag that existed in finance for so long. Jordan explained that direct deposit switching and employment & income verification are the most common use cases today, with more interesting ones coming down the line.

The other fascinating topic Jordan and I touched on throughout the podcast was work/life balance. As someone who started multiple companies, Jordan has learned how to better balance professional and personal, along with that helping to set a culture for the team to have the same balance. It really was a great discussion. So without further ado Jordan Wright of Atomic Financial. I hope you all enjoy the show and be prepared to learn about:

  • Jordan’s journey to Atomic
  • Why payroll data is a game-changer
  • The most common use cases for Atomic today
  • The endless use cases payroll data can unlock in the future
  • How earned wage access can impact financial wellness
  • The current state of financial wellness
  • The differences between his first venture and his current venture
  • Jordan’s lessons from his previous companies
  • Why his co-founder offered up the best piece of advice
  • The importance of work/life balance
  • Building the right culture
  • Lessons from his time as an angel investor
  • The realities of raising capital
  • He recommends reading the Wheel of Time series
  • And much more…

Download a PDF transcription of No. 36 Jordan Wright

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