PitchIt Podcast #32: Neal Desai of Kafene

On Episode 32, I talk with Neal Desai of Kafene. Kafene is a mission-driven company with the goal of empowering flexible ownership solutions. They use technology to bring innovation to lease to own purchasing options for furniture, appliances, electronics, tires & wheels, and a whole lot more. When talking with Neal, flexibility is really the key word to all of these, they really do work with their consumers to give them options, not only when purchasing an item, but also if you miss a payment. These are consumers that are typically sub-prime borrowers and in many cases tend to deal with predatory financial products.

The Kafene product approves almost anyone so you don’t have to worry about missing out on accessing an item that you need for your home or your family. They have multiple payment structures which give you the option to choose the best plan for your situation. Companies like Kafene are where the real change is beginning to happen in financial inclusion. Not only are they giving options to the consumer, but they’re also doing it at a fair rate. Neal and I get into the overall mission of Kafene, why they targeted that subprime consumer, “buy now, pay later,” raising capital, and a whole lot more. So, without further ado, Neal Desai of Kafene. I hope you all enjoy the show.

  • Neal’s path to being a founder
  • Financial inequality has always been a focus
  • Over 100 million people are underbanked or subprime
  • Flexibility is at the core of what they do
  • The unlocked economic potential is probably in the trillions
  • Better credit reporting in BNPL will lead to more opportunity
  • The delivery mechanism of credit is evolving fast
  • The credit score is in desperate need of change
  • “raise way more money than you ever think you’ll need”
  • Neal recommends reading Predictably Irrational and The Giant Jam Sandwich
  • “raising money is not the same as building value”
  • And more…

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