Forbes 2020 List of the World’s Best Banks

Forbes partnered with market research firm Statista to measure the best banks in more than 20 countries by surveying more than 40,000 customers; the financial crisis of 2008 helped to reshape and consolidate the banking market, the crisis of 2020 os helping to accelerate the digitization of banking across the globe; “Banking has changed irrevocably as a result of the pandemic. The pivot to digital has been supercharged,” says Jane Fraser, President of Citigroup and CEO Citi’s consumer bank, to Forbes. “We believe we have the model of the future – a light branch footprint, seamless digital capabilities and a network of partners that expand our reach to hundreds of millions of customers.”; ING led banks around the world by ranking highly in eight countries, Citi was not that far behind with a high rating in six countries; HSBC and Santander were also rated highly in six regions with N26 ranking as the highest digital bank on the list; other digital banks like NuBank ranked highest in Brazil and Discover, Capital One and Chime ranking highly in the U.S.; USAA was the highest rated bank in the U.S. market. Forbes.

  • Todd Anderson

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