The Fintech Food Pyramid


As we’ve researched companies in fintech we couldn’t help but notice the number of companies that are named after different food groups. As the holiday season winds down we wanted to highlight and share these fintech companies to celebrate the beginning of a New Year.

While you are getting back to work this week, chew on this:

Consumer Lending

  • Best Egg – a Delaware based unsecured consumer loan provider, they provide loans typically for debt consolidation as well as unexpected expenses and large purchases, rates range from 5.9% to 29.9% and funding can occur in as little as one day.
  • Bread – a Delaware based ecommerce company that partners with merchants to allow customers to pay for purchases over time, payments are made in easy to understand monthly installments.
  • Fig Loans – a Houston based payday lender who offers loans for debt consolidation or unexpected expenses, rates are 80% cheaper than traditional payday loans because of the partnership with Family Houston.


  • Lemonade – a New York based property and casualty insurance company that brings transparency and efficiency to the insurance model, they charge a flat fee and donate excess claim funds to charity.

Real Estate Lending

  • Plum Lending – a San Francisco based commercial real estate lender who specializes in loans that range from $1mn to $25mn, they have sourced and underwritten 1,570 loans across property types and geographic markets.

Service Provider

  • HelloSoda – a UK based credit monitoring service that uses traditional and alternative data like social media to help institutions better assess credit risk with customers lacking a traditional credit profile.
  • Mint – a California based service to help individuals manage their financial lives, from bill payment to your credit score they offer solutions to help you save and plan for your financial future.
  • Orchard – a New York based platform that provides services for institutional investors and lending originators, they help originators normalize their data sets to present them to institutional investors who are interested in buying up loan portfolios.
  • Peanut Butter – a Chicago based service that helps employers retain and attract millennial talent by paying down their employees student debt.

Small Business Lending

  • Apple Pie Capital – a San Francisco based small business marketplace lender who focuses on franchises, loans typically start at $100K and are focused on proven franchise brands who have shown success in dozens of locations.
  • Kabbage – a Atlanta based small business lender who uses accounting data, online sales, shipping and other sources to assess a company’s performance so they can deliver capital quickly, they offer lines of credit for up to $100K.
  • Produce Pay – a Los Angeles based produce farming lender who allows farmers to be paid one day after shipment instead of 30 to 45 days later, this working capital allows farmers to get 50% of their shipment capital right away to meet business needs.

Wealth Management

  • Nutmeg – a UK based digital wealth management company who brings a simpler, less costly model to managing your investment portfolio, you can start with as little as £500 per fund.

Happy New Year from the LendIt Content team. Join us in the comments section and let us know who we missed.

  • Todd Anderson

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