Top 10 Most Popular Articles in February

Welcome to our monthly top 10 series at Fintech Nexus. We publish dozens of articles every month and I always think it is interesting to see what catches our audience’s attention. So, here we have the top 10 most viewed articles from our site in February.

  1. How Banks Can (and Should) Solve the Transactional Data Drought Problem – To be honest I was a little surprised about this one being in the number on spot but clearly this is a problem that resonates with a lot of people. Financial institutions have access to a vast amount of customer data, including account information, transaction history, and credit scores. But much of that data is siloed by different payment platforms and networks making it unavailable across the organization (see also this week’s cartoon).
  2. Luke Voiles, CEO of Pipe, on the optimal way to approach small business lending – My podcast interview with Luke Voiles, CEO of Pipe, has been the most popular show I have done in almost a year. Luke’s enthusiasm for small business and his plain-spoken style clearly resonates with a lot of people.
  3. The Future of On Demand Pay and Earned Wage Access – Our top post in January is still number three this month. This was a guest post from Jason Lee, the co-founder of DailyPay, the leading earned wage access platform. He makes the case that earned wages are employees’ money and should be tracked carefully. He introduced his new company, Salt Labs, also targeted at workers but on savings rather than spending.
  4. The Evolution of Payments Rails: Shaping the Future of Financial Services – There are few areas of finance going through a transformation more than payments rails. It is not just the launch of FedNow it is all the different instant payment options now available. Businesses will be transitioning away from ACH and Wire to these instant payments rails and it is going to happen quickly.
  5. Goldman bids farewell to consumer banking push – If you Google Goldman and consumer banking this article is very high in the rankings. We didn’t do anything special to promote it but many news sites ended up linking to it. So, even though it was from July last year it will probably remain in the top ten for quite a while.
  6. EY, MoneyLion unite to deliver integrated digital finance – I have to admit I didn’t have a MoneyLion partnership with EY on my 2024 fintech partnerships bingo card. I am guessing neither did anyone else which is probably why this new partnership is generating so much interest. It is not news for a fintech to add banking software to its offerings but combining it with a services component from a top consulting company is new.
  7. These Four Trends are Shaping How Fintech Should be Using Generative AI – Generative AI is still a hot topic in fintech as leading companies keep exploring use cases. This article takes a step back and looks at the four key trends that are shaping the AI adoption journey at fintech firms today.
  8. Everything Everywhere All at Once: Traditional Banks Accelerate Digital Transformation – I don’t think there is a bank anywhere in this country that isn’t aware of the need to embrace digital transformation. But that is such a broad topic and there is an almost infinite number of ways to go about it. This article provides three core areas for banks to focus on.
  9. Marqeta’s Simon Khalaf: BNPL, embedded finance innovation just beginning – We sat down with Marqeta’s CEO a few weeks ago to get his perspective on the future of embedded finance. I love some of his outside-the-box thinking when it comes to rewards and card use in general. And then there is BNPL which Khalaf sees as being tied very much to loyalty. Interesting thoughts.
  10. SnippetSentry tackles messaging app compliance – Sneaking into our top 10 is an article just published this week on compliance and messaging. There have been some high profile fines handed out by the SEC for compliance lapses on employee communications. So, of course, someone has created a seamless compliance solution for banks and fintechs to more carefully monitor these communications.
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