European MPL, Spotcap, is Opening in UK Despite Brexit Concerns

Marketplace lender, Spotcap, is headquartered in Germany and first launched in Spain; it now has opened an office in London and has begun serving the UK lending market; uncertainties with Brexit crossed executives’ minds but didn’t deter the launch; UK Managing Director, Niels Turfboer, said, “a lot needs to happen in the world [for London] to lose its position, which is basically number one in the world after Silicon Valley [for fintech]”; in fact, he adds, “Historically a period of uncertainty will lead to more restricted activity from the more traditional finance companies like the High Street banks. That has its effect mostly on the SMEs as they’re considered to be more risky. I definitely think it’s going to be a turbulent and challenging time but alternative finance will have more influence in the coming years, in my opinion.”; the company focuses on offering working capital lines of credit for small businesses.  Source