Watch the Keynote Speakers from LendIt USA 2015

Just last month we hosted our largest event, which brought together nearly 2,500 delegates to New York for LendIt USA 2015. As with all of our conferences, we make the recordings to every presentation available on, but wanted to highlight three keynote speakers. Below, you will find presentations from Renaud Laplanche (Founder & CEO, Lending Club), Ron Suber (President, Prosper) and Lawrence Summers (Former U.S. Treasury Secretary).

Renaud Laplanche’s keynote focused on leveraging technology as he spoke about the topic Is Banking an Engineering Problem?

This included topics on making credit more affordable, providing an enhanced customer experience, better compliance and risk management, as well as increased transparency. As he has done with past LendIt conferences, he announced a $150 million deal with Citigroup. It’s clear that Lending Club is also thinking about the future as they unveiled the Lending Club Cube, much like automakers reveal concept cars. This concept was billed as a point of sale solution.

Ron Suber provided a perspective of the industry in his closing keynote. Ron spoke to the major accomplishments over the course of the last year for not just Prosper, but the industry as a whole. He believes that we are between being an interesting new niche and being a great idea. We have not yet become something that people can’t live without, but we are reaching escape velocity. He talked about what it means to be a successful platform and how important each aspect of product, capital, and what’s under the hood is to being a successful marketplace. The presentation wrapped up with insights to where we are headed and also warned of developments that may cause the industry to falter.

Larry Summer’s presentation was entitled New Lending For a New Economy. He provided his full endorsement to the marketplace lending industry. Larry believes that now is the time for the renewal of the financial system following the financial crisis. He stressed that we are all stakeholders in the success of the financial system and spoke to the need of transparency and disclosure within the industry. In addition, he touched on the need and several aspects of regulatory frameworks for this industry.

More Videos From LendIt USA 2015 Coming Soon

You can also view the special presentation from Sam Hodges of Funding Circle on the LendIt website. If there are other speakers, panels or company demos you are waiting to see, we will be adding videos as they are edited, so keep an eye on the LendIt video section.