Video Banking Becoming a Must Have for Banks

Video banking and interactive teller machines are moving from a nice to have to a must have in the current climate; video banking provider POPi/o which allows banks to have a video chat with their banker has seen calls with their service surge; interactive teller machine provider NCR has seen a lot of their clients ask for the video capabilities to be turned on so an ATM can connect them directly to a banker; “The nice thing about video banking is there are workflows,” said Stephanie Brummette, who manages the virtual branch team at Union Bank, to American Banker. “I can see what the customer sees and tell them ‘You’re at the step where you need to sign’ or ‘You’re at the step where you need to accept electronic consent.’”; banks have started to reallocate staff to handle the increased demand for video banking, though it is a process to get customers used to interacting with their bank on video; bankers are also looking at how this trend might continue after the crisis subsides as it could end up being a core part of their offering long term. American Banker

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