Video: A Look Back at PitchIt@LendIt 2016 with AutoFi

Last year at PitchIt@LendIt, AutoFi took home the top prize; in his pitch (34:00) Jonathan Palan, president and co-founder of AutoFi discusses AutoFi and the auto finance market; Jonathan previously spent six years at Lending Club and LendingHome; he shares that the auto market is a massive opportunity and is also a fragmented marketplace; consumers are beginning to go online to buy cars; 84% of new car purchases have financing and 68% of used cars have financing; AutoFi’s thesis is that if car buying is going online then auto lending has to go online; they are a B2B software platform to help do just that; in a big vote of confidence for the company, they recently inked a deal with Ford to provide digital financing options to consumers; applications for PitchIt@LendIt 2017 close today.