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The Fintech Blueprint guide to designing your 2023 business model

In this conversation, our Editor-in-chief Lex Sokolin walks through how 2023 is the year for executing on raw fundamentals, which means understanding how to design a Fintech or DeFi business model and understanding the shape of demand. Companies must focus on customer centricity and use a Lean Startup methodology to validate ideas and assumptions. This is done by testing products and services with prospects, using digital landing pages, and buying Google Ads to drive people to those landing pages.


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Topics: start-ups, fintech, DeFi, innovation, disruption, tokenomics, cryptocurrency, blockchain, DAO, Web3, roboadvisor

Companies: Google, Greensky, Facebook, Robinhood, Youtube, DriveWealth, Betterment, Coinbase, MetaMask, Cross River Bank, MoonPay


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0’31”: Introduction – What the last 3 years brought to the Fintech space

2’45”: How to approach 2023 from a mental model perspective

7’03”: The approach to designing a Fintech or DeFi business model in 2023

16’27”: The Lean Start-up Methodology & how it optimises product market fit

22’48”: Methods to seeking economically sufficient demand: traditional banking vs neobanking models

27’45”: Automation of the CFO stack vs Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

30’48”: Risk appetite: Betterment vs Coinbase vs MetaMask – their similarities and vastly dissimilar approaches to win consumers

36’11”: Economic models attached to opportunities

44’32”: Platform businesses providing an intermediating layer with repeatable demand

46’29”: The nature of economic flows: Money in motion vs money at rest

50’49”: Conclusion – closing remarks

  • Lex Sokolin

    Chief Cryptoeconomist @Consensys , repeat fintech founder, artist in love with systems. Follow me for insider analysis of Web3, Fintech, and DeFi.