The Ethics of $2B Lemonade, $100B Softbank Visions, and $500MM of Binance IEOs

I’ve been seeing a lot of Fintech headlines recently that make me raise my hands in the air, and go “Come on, are you for real!?”. I imagine a lot of people feel similarly frustrated by Lemonade looking to go public at a $2 billion valuation on $50 million of revenue, Initial Exchange Offerings on crypto exchanges raising over $500 million this year, Facebook’s tone deaf Silicon Valley club crypto money, or SoftBank talking about selling its overpriced $100 billion Fintech unicorn fund in an IPO. So other than getting crankier with age (Happy Father’s day everyone!), I want to dig a little bit into the concept of fairness, asymmetric information, economic rents, and how this can help disentangle feelings from thoughts on these news items.