The $50 Discount for the P2P Lending Wealth System Ends Tomorrow

Just a quick one today. I received this email yesterday from an investor who had recently bought my new video course, the P2P Lending Wealth System.

This is what this person had to say about the course:

The videos were excellent, your commentary is thorough and thoughtful. For a novice investor, it was invaluable to give me the confidence to start investing in P2P loans. Well worth the money.

The $50 Discount Ends at 8pm EDT Tomorrow

I hope you will forgive this shameless plug but I wanted to let everyone know that the introductory pricing for the P2P Lending Wealth System ends at 8pm EDT tomorrow (Thursday). So, you really need to hurry to save $50 off the full price. Click here to find out more. End of shameless plug.

  • Peter Renton

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