Starling Bank CEO Says Branches and Cash Will Disappear

Starling Bank CEO Anne Boden was interviewed by AltFi to discuss the changes in financial services due to the current crisis; moving to a cashless society will now happen quicker as contactless payments will become commonplace; Boden explains to AltFi: “I think this current crisis will speed up certain changes in social trends that are happening and before you know it, I think paper money will largely disappear in the next couple of years, as people are not taking that cash out of the ATM.”; digital banking will also put an end to the bank branch as more people are forced into digital versions of their banks; “I don’t think there’s any going back now to branches. I think that people don’t want that face-to-face contact, people have got used to having contact on a browser on your phone,” Boden told AltFi; Boden also believes the crisis will make London an even stronger fintech hub, though she did say Berlin and Paris are making headway. Altfi

  • Emily Donato

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