Sentient Technologies Continues to Lead in AI Driven Hedge Fund Investing

Sentient Technologies has been developing an AI powered hedge fund for over a decade; Co-Founder Babak Hodjat has played a significant part in developing the company’s AI powered system; Hodjat has 21 patents and his experience also includes development support for Apple’s virtual assistant Siri; while many firms in the hedge fund space have been utilizing AI, Sentient is one of the only firms to build their entire business around it; the firm’s AI system can analyze billions of data points, spot trends and adapt as it learns; in addition to developing investment decisions the AI system also facilitates trades which helps investment opportunities to be identified and acted upon faster; according to Hodjat, the vast amounts of publicly available data in the financial industry make AI ideal for investment management; the Sentient portfolio is highly diversified with a wide range of US stocks and trades hundreds of times per day; while the firm is becoming more well known for its AI focus it has yet to publicly disclose its performance; the company has received approximately $143 million and is owned by Li Ka-shing, and the Tata Group.  Source