PitchIt Podcast #31: Gaurav Sharma of Capitalize

On Episode 31, I talk with Gaurav Sharma of Capitalize. Capitalize helps you keep track of your retirement account when you move from one employer to the next. They help you choose a new retirement account so you don’t lose access and advantages of the old retirement account. They also handle all the paperwork at no cost to you, the consumer.

I thought this episode was particularly interesting because I didn’t know much about this problem. It’s fascinating to hear all the different ways that people lose access and lose track of their retirement savings. Some lose it because they leave it with a previous employer and it just sits in that old account. Some decide this is my money so I’m going to take it out and they lose more than 30 percent of their money to taxes and fees.

Gaurav and the team at Capitalize solve this problem by simplifying it and taking all the headaches away. We talk about how common a problem this is, how aware people are of the Capitalize solution, why retirement accounts need to evolve like many other financial accounts, especially now that we’re living in the digital age, raising capital, and a whole lot more.

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  • Gaurav’s journey through Wall Street to Capitalize
  • Why retirement accounts are tied to employers
  • More than 15 million people change jobs each year
  • Those retirement accounts left behind are lost or forgotten
  • The IRS collects $30bn in yearly fees from early withdrawals
  • 3 million people leave accounts behind
  • $1.3tn is currently in dormant accounts
  • Capitalize removes all heavy lifting
  • They help you remove your money and explain where you can move it
  • Consumers will end up with an IRA and an active 401k
  • A new retirement account is needed for the fintech era
  • Named to Time’s List of 100 Best Inventions 2021
  • Best piece of advice, “do things that don’t scale”
  • Gaurav recommends reading The Great GatsbyThe Unbearable Lightness of Being and Team of Rivals
  • And much more…

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