Why Securitization & Online Lending are So Important For Each Other – by PeerIQ’s Ram Ahluwalia

Securitization was a bright spot in online lending in 2016 with significant securitization growth; Ram Ahluwalia’s firm PeerIQ provides data and analytics services to issuers, investors and originators; helps stakeholders price, value, exchange and structure risk in securitizations; Ram Ahluwalia talks about themes relating to securitization growth; year over year growth was 59% from 2015 to 2016 with over half of loans being funded via ABS; securitizations are also becoming increasingly rated by ratings agencies; originators have benefited by accessing lower cost of capital providers such as pension funds, banks and insurance companies; major online lending platforms have also launched their own branded securitization shelfs; Ahluwalia also speaks about the challenges of the securitization market and answers audience questions. Source