Responses from the Treasury RFI on Marketplace Lending


[Editor’s note: We missed several responses to the Treasury in our original post and decided to post them all here sorted into two categories and listed by company name. Clicking on a link will direct you to directly to the response.]

Last Wednesday was the official deadline of the Treasury’s request for information on marketplace lending. There were officially 104 responses to the RFI from a large variety of individuals and companies. We submitted and posted our answers to the 14 questions posed by the Treasury. Many other companies participated and a lot can be learned from their responses. Below, we have compiled a list of responses (in PDF form) from the biggest players and most influential organizations in marketplace lending.

Marketplace Lending Platform and Service Provider Responses

Trade Associations and Individual Responses

It was great to see such strong industry participation from the top companies in marketplace lending. It will be quite some time before the Treasury can read and synthesize these responses and it will be even longer before any possible regulatory recommendations come as a result of this new information. But at least the Treasury should now be well-informed about marketplace lending and the many different perspectives of the companies involved. If you’re interested in reading more responses submitted to the Treasury, you can find the complete list here.