Rapyd enters India with an all-in-one payment solution

Rapyd, a global Fintech as a Service company, has entered the Indian market with partners including Paytm, PhonePe, PayU, Citibank, DBS Bank, HDFC Bank, BharatPay, and Unimoni. With this announcement, Rapyd has deployed a comprehensive payment service that allows international merchants to grow their business in India while helping Indian merchants to expand sales internationally. By extending Rapyd’s Global Payments Network to India, international merchants can now access India’s preferred payment methods through a single technology stack, enabling them to go “local” for the India audience, both collecting from buyers and making payments to suppliers and partners using India’s preferred methods. Rapyd’s suite of tools include  Rapyd Collect and Rapyd Disburse. “The roll-out of Rapyd’s Fintech as a Service platform in India will simplify access to India’s strongest payment brands in a single solution, solving scaling challenges in eCommerce, Fintech, lending, business services, and treasury management,” says Mahesh Muraleedharan, Country Manager, Rapyd. The India expansion follows similar efforts in Singapore, Brazil, UK and Mexico. Rapyd

  • Bo Brustkern

    Bo Brustkern is fascinated by the developments in Web3 and crypto, and how they will interact with the embedded systems of traditional finance. He is co-founder & CEO of Fintech Nexus, and operates mainly from his office in Denver, Colorado, USA.