Prosper is Hosting a P2P Lending Summit

On Thursday of next week (November 3rd at 5pm Pacific) Prosper is hosting what it is calling a “P2P Lending Performance Measurement Summit”. It will be a webinar that will discuss the need for a performance measurement standard for the p2p lending industry.

Prosper is bringing in the heavy-hitters for this webinar. Attendees will hear from CEO Chris Larsen, EVP of Risk Management Jim Catlin and Chief Investment Officer Joe Toms. Here is what they will be discussing:

1) Consumer credit industry standards for measuring risk performance: the practice of analyzing loan vintages
2) Why Prosper reports Seasoned Returns, and why we think this measure is important
3) How p2p lending investors measure risk vis-à-vis return
4) Call for an industry standard on measuring p2p lending returns, and what Prosper is doing about it

By pure coincidence I will be in San Francisco next week (visiting both Lending Club and Prosper) so I will be attending this webinar in person. Should be interesting – you can sign up for it here.

[Update: Prosper has changed the registration for this webinar – it will now have video and the new registration is here.]

  • Peter Renton

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