This week, we look at:

Chime, eToro, and Wise targeting the public markets through IPO and SPACs, and their operating performance

The overall growth in fintech mobile apps, their install rates and market penetration (from 2.5 to 3.5 per person), and whether that growth is sustainable

The implications for incumbents from this competition, and in particular the impact on money in motion vs. money at rest

Broader financial product penetration and an anchoring in how the technology industry was able to get more attention that we had to give

Prosper Adds Credit Card Optimizer to Its Prosper Daily App

Leading marketplace lending platform, Prosper, has launched Credit Card Optimizer; the Credit Card Optimizer is an enhancement to the firm’s Prosper Daily app which was introduced in March 2016 as an aggregator for financial accounts; the Credit Card Optimizer will provide users with their credit card balances and payment notifications; also seeks to provide advice on credit card usage and includes features for managing credit cards by interest bearing balances. Source