Profits and Purpose: A Framework for Sustainable Impact Investments

There is a worldwide problem in that not enough people have access to financial opportunity in underserved markets; at LendIt USA 2017 we hosted a panel that focused on impact investing and opportunities for the underserved in financial services; panelists discussed the size of the market, how technology has helped to close the gap and why they feel that investing with their hearts and wallets is the better way to go; the discussion talked through the difference between regular investing and impact investing, as well as what investors look for when an opportunity presents itself; technology has allowed for low to middle income families to have a better understanding of their daily financial health and to expect better services; the panel also touched on the risks involved in certain markets, how to assess potential investments in emerging markets and how the local regulatory bodies can play a role; looking at investments beyond the financial return has helped communities around the world and this looks to be a trend that is on the rise. Source