PitchIt Podcast #43: Bernardo Silva of Yave

On episode 43 I talk with Bernardo Silva of Yave. Yave is a mortgage origination fintech from Mexico. They help Mexican families with financing so they can own a home.

Yave is really on the cutting edge as Bernardo explains in the episode. They are one of the only companies taking on the mortgage space in Mexico. The mortgage market in Mexico is dominated by a handful of lenders and the Mexican government.

Yave is looking to change that dynamic by offering a better experience and a willingness to serve a wider customer base than the small segment currently being served by the big banks.

Bernardo and I discuss the overall mortgage opportunity in Mexico, the Fintech Law in Mexico, their growing number of partners, raising capital, formula one racing, and much more.

So without further ado, I present Bernardo SIlva of Yave. I hope you all enjoy the show and be prepared to learn:

  • Bernardo’s founder journey
  • Why Yave is the key to getting a home in Mexico
  • The mortgage opportunity in Mexico
  • Why the mortgage market is cornered by a handful of lenders and the government
  • The lack of a secondary market and how that impacts mortgage lending
  • How FHipo became a game-changing partnership for them
  • The impact of the Fintech Law on the broader ecosystem
  • Biggest lesson: truly understanding the problem they are solving
  • Last book read: Mission Matters by Adam Torres
  • Why Formula One quickly became his favorite sport
  • And much more…

Download a PDF transcription of No. 43 Bernardo Silva

  • Todd Anderson

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