PitchIt Podcast #41: Jared Shulman and Jerry Shu of Lendica

On episode 41 I talk with Jared Shulman and Jerry Shu of Lendica. Lendica is a truly embedded finance company focused on smart lending. They provide simple and transparent funding solutions for businesses at the point of decision.

Embedded finance has clearly taken off in recent years, and small businesses have become one of the biggest beneficiaries. SMBs finally have solutions that fit their needs, and Lendica is one of those solutions.

Jared, Jerry, and I talk about the different terms being used to describe embedded finance, the potential of a branch-free world in banking, how much fintech has helped SMBs, raising capital, founder advice, and a whole lot more.

So without further ado, I present Jared Shulman and Jerry Shu of Lendica. I hope you all enjoy the show and be prepared to learn:

  • Jared and Jerry’s founder stories
  • Why they decided on the name Lendica
  • What the typical SMB client looks like for Lendica
  • The state of embedded finance today
  • The changing landscape for small businesses
  • The potentials of a branch free world
  • The awareness and penetration of fintech for SMBs
  • Whether or not SMBs want a fully automated lending solution
  • Lesson’s learned about the company since launch
  • Raising capital
  • Advice for fellow founders
  • And much more…

Download a PDF transcription of No. 41 Jared Shulman and Jerry Shu

  • Todd Anderson

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