PitchIt Podcast #20: David Haas of PowerPay

In episode 20 of PitchIt: the fintech startups podcast we talk with David Haas of PowerPay.

PowerPay is a digital lending platform that offers home improvement financing for contractors, their customers, and everyday consumers. When talking with David I found out they launched in January of 2020, right before the world changed.

It turned out to be a big stroke of luck for PowerPay, while stuck in their homes people started to examine those projects that got pushed down the personal to-do list. Whether it was a bathroom renovation, fixing a leaky roof, or installing new windows, there ended up being record demand for these projects.

David and I discuss PowerPay’s journey over the last 18 months, the exponential growth they saw in the home improvement space, working with bank partners, raising capital, unfortunately, USC football, and a whole lot more. I hope you enjoy the show.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • David’s founder story
  • What he learned from his early drive for money
  • The difference between intrepreneur and entrepreneur
  • They serve super prime, prime and sub prime
  • How PowerPay works with banks
  • How PowerPay works with contractors
  • How they went from $0 to $1bn in loans originated during the pandemic
  • They have long term digital banking plans
  • He recommends reading The Talent Code
  • He enjoys teaching the young workers within the organization
  • He is a diehard Philadelphia sports fan
  • And more…

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Download a PDF transcription of Podcast No. 20 David Haas

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