PitchIt Podcast #18: Eric Levine of Berbix

In episode 18 of PitchIt: the fintech startups podcast we talk with Berbix Co-Founder Eric Levine.

This was a special live episode, we recorded in front of a virtual audience. Berbix instantly and accurately validates photo IDs, driver licenses, and passports. Instantly is the key word there, they do it in real-time to help ensure the user experience is smooth and someone is not forced to restart the onboarding process.

Eric and I discuss how the last 18 months have impacted fraud, the complicated nature of IDs from different states, countries, synthetic identity fraud, raising capital, and a whole lot more. I hope you enjoy the show.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • Eric’s founder story
  • The funny origin of the name Berbix
  • Lessons learned from Airbnb
  • The complicated process of verifying IDs
  • How Berbix verifies ID’s in real-time
  • The impact of Covid on fraud
  • The growing problem of synthetic identity fraud
  • How to balance user experience & friction
  • The differences between malicious, opportunistic and accidental fraudsters
  • The path to digital identities
  • Eric recommends Love in the Time of Cholera and Children of Dune
  • And more…

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