Peer to Peer Lending News Roundup – September 28, 2013

During the week I share the latest p2p lending news on Twitter as it happens. Then every Saturday I take the most interesting news items and blog posts from the past week and share them here.

Credit Variables Explained: Credit Grades on LendingClub and Prosper from Orchard – Some good charts and analysis of how credit grades are distributed.

Startups, VCs Now Free To Advertise Their Fundraising Status from the Wall Street Journal – Title II of the JOBS Act allows general solicitation now. More on this on the blog next week.

The Future of Peer-to-Peer Lending from Liberum Capital (video) – Short video featuring comments from some of the leaders in p2p lending at an investor event in London earlier this month.

PayPal Breaks Into Small Business Lending from Businessweek – The small business lending market is about to get more competitive.

Birchmere Ventures gives credit its due from Pittsburgh Business Times – New p2p lending fund launches from this Pittsburgh VC firm.

P2P Lending: What is an Expected Return? A Survey of Industry Voices from LendingMemo – A look at return expectations from a variety of industry experts.

7 ways to beat the big banks from MSN Money – Good to see Lending Club and Prosper as two of the seven ways to beat the banks.

New York Investing Meetup – Ron Suber from Prosper will be speaking at the next meetup in New York on October 10th.

From the Lend Academy Forum

The Lend Academy forum is where investors go to discuss p2p lending. Below are some topics that were being discussed this week.

How much discount is typical – How much discount to give a note that is 30 days late with no payments made?

Employer removed from loan description – There were some changes made to the LC website this week including the removal of Employer.

Why do people buy these notes??? – Discussion of why people buy some of these discounted late notes on Folio.

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