Peer to Peer Lending News Roundup – September 13, 2014

During the week I share the latest p2p lending news on Twitter as it happens. Then every Saturday I take the most interesting news items and blog posts from the past week and share them here.

The Economic Health of a Borrower’s City Affects Loan Performance from Orchard – A guest post by a family office investor about how he decides which loans to invest in on Lending Club and Prosper.

Former BlackRock Executive Shifts to P2P Investor Blue Elephant from Crowdfund Insider – From the world’s largest asset manager to a p2p lending hedge fund.

LendingClub: Are Peer to Peer Loans Worth an Investment? from The Motley Fool – This analyst looks at the pros and cons of investing in the common stock of Lending Club.

Peer-to-peer lenders step into vacuum left by banks from TribLive – A look at peer to peer lending in western Pennsylvania and the impact it had on one borrower.

The Tithing of Credit Cards by James Alexander on LinkedIn – How p2p lending is impacting the credit card industry.

Fitch: Lending Club IPO to Be a Milestone in P2P Evolution (press release) – Fitch Ratings weighs in on the Lending Club IPO: “the P2P industry overall would benefit from a successful Lending Club IPO”.

Why the Lending Club IPO matters from London Business School – One of the most thoughtful articles I have read about the Lending Club IPO.

Prosper Investor Review: Earn 5-10% in Peer to Peer Lending from LendingMemo – Detailed review of Prosper with step by step instructions on how to invest.

International P2P Lending Services – Loan Volumes August 2014 from Wiseclerk – The monthly loan origination numbers from the major European platforms.

Why Your Neighbor May Soon Be Your Bank from The Fiscal Times – An introductory look at Lending Club and p2p lending.

UK peer-to-peer lending reaches £2bn from the Financial Times – Another major milestone crossed by the UK p2p lenders this past week.

Why the UK Peer-to-Peer Loan Market Has Doubled in Size in Just Six Months from International Business Times – The UK p2p lending market has been on a tear lately – here’s why.

From the Lend Academy Forum

The Lend Academy forum is where investors go to discuss p2p lending. Below are some topics that were being discussed this week.

New to LC – Need advice on deploying 250k – Active discussion from members about deploying a large amount on Lending Club.

Filtering by Income to Payments – One new investor is focused on a key ratio for borrowers.

FICO score across LendingClub grades – FICO score is one of many variables used to determine credit grade at Lending Club.

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