P2P Lending in the News a Lot Recently

January was a great month for p2p lending as far as publicity goes. There were several TV segments, news articles and posts on major blogs. In case you missed some of these, here is a breakdown of recent news.

Peer to Peer Lending on TV


I have been watching CNBC for almost 20 years and it was great to see Renaud Laplanche, CEO of Lending Club, interviewed on their morning show. Renaud did a great job despite the fact the interviewers knew so very little about Lending Club or p2p lending.

BNN (Business News Network) in Canada

Interview with Michael Garrity, CEO of CommunityLend in Canada.

Fox News

Interview with a Lending Club borrower and an investor who were on either side of the loan transaction.

Peer to Peer Lending on Major News Sites

CNNHitting up the family bank

ABC NewsNew Ways to Get a Loan Without Going to the Bank

TheStreet.com – Peer Lending Grows as Business Owner Option

This same article was picked up by Entrepreneur.com, and Fox Small Business Center ran a similar article.

BenzingaLending Club: Killing Two Birds With One Stone

9News.comYour Money Sunday: Shred your credit card contest

DailyFinance – It Takes a Community to Repay a Loan: The Lessons of Prosper.com

Daily KosSo you really want to hurt the financial industry?

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