OnDeck Announces Lending Technology Subsidiary

OnDeck has been powering JPMorgan small business loans through their OnDeck-as-a-Service offering since late 2015. OnDeck has been keeping details of the partnership close, but their CEO Noah Breslow has hinted that they would be announcing a new bank partner soon. Preempting that announcement, the company announced today the launch of a new subsidiary that will pursue these partnerships.

The wholly owned subsidiary called ODX is currently hiring and some OnDeck employees have moved over to support the new venture. In an American Banker article covering the news, Breslow stated, “This is about signaling our commitment to the market, and really scaling up.”

Brian Geary, who was vice president of OnDeck’s partnership program will be president of ODX. What’s interesting is that while the initial focus will be powering online small business lending, the firm may expand into other asset classes according to Geary.

Just a few weeks ago, we wrote about Avant’s rebrand of “Powered by Avant” to a new name, Amount. Amount has similar goals on the personal loan side while Avant will still offer loans themselves, just like OnDeck.

Both companies previously worked with bank partners, but these moves show a renewed focus on this aspect of their business. Perhaps this is a sign of the times of banks warming up the idea of partnering with fintechs to power their lending programs.

Below a quick video of Brian Geary and Noah Breslow introducing the new platform as a service company. You can learn more by checking out https://www.odxsolutions.com/