Nominations for the 2nd Annual LendItFintech Industry Awards are Live!

Since its inception, LendItFintech, a sister company to Lend Academy, has been more than just a conference producer. We pride ourselves on our written content both here at Lend Academy as well as the conference content at our events across the globe. We engage with the industry on a deep level to create the best events possible.

Last year when we were determining which new projects we should pursue we decided to dedicate resources to put on the inaugural LendItFintech Industry Awards Dinner. The entire LendItFintech team put on a fantastic event. It was great to recognize the companies leading in all areas of fintech and the executives that run those companies. You can view last year’s winners here. The atmosphere of the event is best captured in our recap video below.

The team is already hard at work putting our 2018 event together. Yesterday, we announced that nominations for the LendItFintech Industry Awards Dinner are now open. The dinner will be held on April 10, 2018 at One Market in San Francisco and the event will celebrate 500+ Fintech influencers and innovations and their outstanding achievements in 21 categories. We encourage fintech companies from around the world to apply for the categories that are the best fit.

  • Fintech Innovator of the Year
  • Executive of the Year
  • Fintech Woman of the Year
  • International Innovator of the Year
  • Top Consumer Lending Platform
  • Top Business Lending Platform
  • Top Real Estate Lending Platform
  • Emerging Lending Platform of the Year
  • Top Fintech Equity Investor
  • Most Innovative Bank
  • Most Promising Partnership
  • Most Innovative Mobile Technology
  • Top Professional Services Company of the Year
  • Top Investment Bank in Fintech
  • Best Journalist Coverage
  • Blockchain Innovator of the Year
  • The Most Innovative Token Economy
  • Excellence in Financial Inclusion
  • Top Emerging Technology Company
  • Top Enterprise Company
  • Most Successful Cross-Border Partnership

We have already confirmed thought leaders from the industry who will be judging the various awards categories. Beyond recognizing the success of the companies chosen as winners, the event serves as a unique networking opportunity. We hope to see you there next year!