Most Popular Stories, Podcasts and Cartoons from 2023

We published more stories in 2023 than any year in our history as we ramped up our journalistic capabilities. It is a good thing because it was a big year for fintech news.

Who could have predicted that crazy time in early March when Silicon Valley Bank imploded and it seemed like everyone in fintech was impacted? We had the launch of FedNow, Goldman Sachs exiting the consumer banking business, the rise of generative AI and much more.

Most Viewed Stories on Fintech Nexus in 2023

My story on a new Colorado lending law went viral as it became by far the most viewed story this year. In fact, two of the top three stories on Fintech Nexus this year concerned state regulation of fintech. Regulatory issues continue to be top of mind for so many people in fintech so I expect 2024 will see more interest, particularly from new laws passed by the states.

Colorado residents could soon be in a mountain of hurt when it comes to access to credit
Goldman bids farewell to consumer banking push
First proposed bill to regulate Earned Wage Access
FedNow: Instant Payments or Instant Fraud
Generative AI in fintech goes far beyond the ChatBot
Silicon Valley Bank: Closed by regulators to protect deposits
The End of the Ill-Fated Acquisition: Goldman Sachs Offloads Greensky
In two years, Pix became the most used means of payment in Brazil
New SBA Lending Rules Are Only a Start
Fintech Nexus Pivots to Digital Media, Partners With Fintech Meetup on its 2024 Event

Most Downloaded Podcasts in 2023

Not surprisingly, the most downloaded podcast of the year was Max Levchin, the CEO of Affirm. Max is one of the great thinkers of fintech and it was a privilege to interview him. One of the most important reports of 2023 was Global Fintech 2023: Reimagining the Future of Finance, the joint effort between QED Investors and Boston Consulting Group. Many other fintech leaders are on this list of the top 10 most downloaded podcasts of the year.

Max Levchin, CEO and Co-Founder, Affirm
Nigel Morris of QED and Rishi Varma, BCG
Sarah Levy, CEO of Betterment
Don Cardinal, Head of Financial Data Exchange
Devin Miller & Suze Orman, SecureSave
Sam Bobley, CEO and Founder, Ocrolus
Rex Salisbury, Founder of Cambrian Ventures
Kevin Coop, CEO of DailyPay
Vikram Anreddy, Head of Product for Financial Services at Shopify
Stephany Kirkpatrick, CEO and Co-Founder of Orum

Our top cartoon below also went viral as it struck a chord with a large number of readers who see one of the big challenges in removing bias in lending AI. It was the third most-viewed page on all of Fintech Nexus in 2023 and had 50x the views of the average cartoon.

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