Marketplace Lending News Roundup – January 7


During the week I share the latest marketplace lending news on Twitter as it happens. Then every Saturday I take the most interesting news items and blog posts from the past week and share them here.

Crowdfunding & Fintech Predictions for 2017 from Crowdfund Insider – Some interesting 2017 fintech predictions from Crowdfund Insider.

My Three Year Anniversary of Investing on Lending Club’s Platform from deBanked – Sean Murray shares his thoughts on 3 years of investing in Lending Club.

The Fintech Food Pyramid from LendIt Blog – A lighthearted look at all the fintech “food” companies there are today.

The Value, Mechanics, and Advantage of the OnDeck-Barbara Corcoran Partnership from Lending Times – A look inside the relationship between OnDeck and Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran.

Three Tech Trends That Will Impact Small Business Lending from Forbes – Rohit Arora shares his thoughts on the trends for 2017 in small business lending.

Prosper President Ron Suber: “Change is the Only Constant. Victory Goes to the Ones Who Change” from Crowdfund Insider – The inimitable Ron Suber shares his wisdom on the changing marketplace lending industry.

Fintech Charter Q&A: OCC Answers Skeptics from American Banker – Interesting Q&A with the OCC Chief Counsel on the new fintech charter.

UK government to lend further £40m through Funding Circle from Peer2Peer Finance News – The British Business Bank must be happy with their Funding Circle investment as they are putting in another £40M.

30 Under 30 Finance 2017: The Top Young Traders, Bankers And Dealmakers from Forbes – Some familiar fintech names on this Forbes 30 under 30 list with Matt Humphrey of LendingHome leading the way.

FinTech for Social Good: Looking Back at Why We Started LendUp While Looking Forward to 2017 from Medium – Sasha Orloff of LendUp explains how you can lend money to subprime borrowers while also doing social good.

Merchant Cash Advance’s David and Goliath End an Era from deBanked – The times are changing in the MCA space with two industry pioneers going through some significant changes recently.

International P2P Lending Volumes December 2016 from P2P-Banking – 2016 ended with Funding Circle the clear leader in p2p lending loan volume in Europe.

New Lendscape Focuses on Data Integrity & Industry Best Practices from Orchard – Orchard has released an updated version of their popular “lendscape” mapping the online lending ecosystem.

P2P lending growth slows amid new compliance rules from China Daily – The Chinese p2p lending industry is now regulated so it’s not surprising that growth has slowed.

From the Lend Academy Forum

The Lend Academy forum is where investors go to discuss p2p lending. Below are some topics that were being discussed this week.

StreetShares Business Loans – An interesting discussion on small business lending.

Worst Month Yet – Investors discuss their portfolios with 2016 coming to a close.

How long before a loan gets charged off? – An investor winding down their account asks how long it will take for notes to become charged off.

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