Marketplace Lending News Roundup – February 8th, 2020


During the week I share the latest marketplace lending and fintech news on Twitter as it happens. Then every Saturday I take the most interesting news items and blog posts from the past week and share them here.

Goldman Sachs is close to a deal with Amazon to offer loans to the e-commerce giant’s merchants by CNBC – More on the news that Goldman Sachs may be partnering with Amazon on small business lending to Amazon’s merchants.

Goldman eyes financial cloud, taking a page from Amazon’s playbook by Yahoo Finance – More on Goldman Sachs today as Yahoo Finance finds that “Goldman is weighing the potential to build an external cloud platform for other financial services players, to ultimately build a new revenue stream.” Now that is interesting.

TikTok ads have been 300% more efficient than Instagram ones in getting new users for fintech startup Tally by Business Insider – In non-Goldman Sachs news it looks like TikTok is becoming a solid customer acquisition channel for fintech companies.

David Zalik Keynote Announcement by LendIt Fintech – Super excited to have David Zalik, CEO of Greensky on stage at LendIt Fintech for the first time this year (he has never spoken at a fintech conference before). He will be interviewed by none other than Steve McLaughlin of  FT Partners.

International P2P Lending Volumes January 2020 by P2P-Banking – The monthly loan origination numbers for the European p2p lending platforms are out. Interesting to see which companies are getting traction.

Fintech In 2020: Challenger Banks Are Moving In On The Incumbents For Real by Forbes –  Are digital neobanks becoming too big to fail? Not really. But their valuations are already making their long term success more difficult.

Avant splits into two companies, with potential IPO eyed for one by Crain’s Chicago Business – It is now official. Avant and Amount are two separate companies. But the interesting part of this article is the news that Amount is not only raising a $50m round right now but it is also eyeing a potential public listing as soon as next year.

Bring it on: Exclusive interview with Funding Circle’s UK MD Lisa Jacobs by P2P Finance News – Interesting interview with Lisa Jacobs, the head of Funding Circle UK, on the impact of an economic downturn, the new P2P regulations, the importance of the retail investor and more.

California governor to fintechs: Forget Utah. Be an ILC here. by American Banker – Interesting piece by Kevin Wack on changes California is looking to make that will impact #fintech companies. He includes some comments from my interview with Commissioner Gill of the DBO earlier this week.

Banks, fintech startups clash over ‘the new oil’ — your data by Politico – Banks are looking to limit screen scraping in the name of security which would affect fintech platform’s access to banking data.

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