Setting Up LendingClub’s Automated Investing Tool

In our last post and accompanying video we outlined how to setup a LendingClub account in 2018. One of the benefits of doing this was being able to see all of the recent changes LendingClub has made to the investor experience.

In the latest video we review the interface which allows LendingClub investors to enable automated investing. This functionality has been around for quite some time, but LendingClub has changed the way it looks from a user’s perspective.

In this video I discuss:

  • The three ways you can invest in LendingClub loans
  • The benefits of LendingClub’s automated investing tool
  • The options within automated investing including custom mix and platform mix
  • How fast $5,000 was deployed through automated investing

Now that funds have been invested in LendingClub loans I am beginning to receive principal and interest payments. Our next post in this series will focus on the current performance of the account.

If you have any questions about automated investing or opening up a LendingClub account please let us know in the comments below.