Podcast 15: Emmanuel Marot with LendingRobot

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Emmanuel Marot is the co-founder and president at LendingRobot. His company has created an investing tool of the same name that helps individual investors automate their investing on the Lending Club and Prosper platforms. LendingRobot uses the API of both platforms to execute loan orders as soon as new loans are added to the respective platforms.

In this episode of the Lend Academy Podcast Emmanuel Marot discusses automated investing, how LendingRobot works and much more. In this podcast you will learn:

  • How Emmanuel Marot discovered p2p lending.
  • The origins of his new company, LendingRobot.
  • An explanation of exactly what LendingRobot does.
  • The advantage of using LendingRobot over the platforms automated investing tools.
  • Why LendingRobot became an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.
  • Emmanuel’s relationship with the management of Lending Club and Prosper.
  • How the fee structure works at LendingRobot.
  • How LendingRobot differs from the other investor tools available today.
  • Why Emmanuel is focused on individual investors.
  • What the long term looks like for p2p lending and how LendingRobot will fit in to that future.
  • What Emmanuel’s experience was like at the LendIt Conference.

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