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How to contribute a guest post feature to LendIt Fintech News

Are you a fintech exec with a passion for writing? Do you work in PR and have an industry veteran to feature?

This is a submission guide to getting top content featured on the LendIt Fintech News site.

Submitted guest posts are some of LendIt’s most-read content. Here’s how to get an opinion, research, or perspective featured front and center:

First up, head to the pitch story tab, and follow this guide to submit an idea. Make sure to make it loud and clear it is a submission for a guest post, contributed piece, or opinion piece at the top. 


Guest Post
Guest Posts will publish as Opinion or Contributor
  • A three-word “slug” describing an eye-catching idea
  • Set a category, region
  • Establish a story summary, including the name of the exec, what firm they are representing, and the contribution idea
  • Link for context: the main site of the source, LinkedIn, or another identifying info
  • Photo sample: the LendIt team needs a professional headshot for the author and we’ll also want a 1260 x 960 px featured image to make the story pop
  • Contact info and social media links

After submission, the editorial team will get back to you shortly to discuss specifics and set up a timeline.

Writing guidelines 

After approval, there are some guidelines for the article itself. Guest posts should be 500 words minimum. AP Style is welcomed, but no sweat. The headline should include an action verb, and the copy should include links to flesh out the story. LendIt also tends to include subheadings in bold every 300 words or so.

Include an author bio, alongside the head and shoulders profile pick, like the below example:

Guest Post
Guest Posts come with an Author bio and headshot

If you have any questions, reach out through my email, editor John White, or contact one of the news team members.

When in doubt, use this link to pitch a story, and we will help from there. Thanks for sharing excellent industry content; we are all looking forward to more. 

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