Hedosophia is One of the Most Important and Secret Fintech Funds

Hedosophia is not a household name, and that is by design. The fund is one of the most secretive investors in the world, and is also one of the most important fintech investment firms, counting Transferwise, Billie, Raisin, Acorns, Stash, N26, Qonto, Wefox, Lydia, Ant Finance and Lufax as portfolio companies. Sifted reports that the fund typically invests between $10mn and $30mn at the Series B level. The firm is run by Ian Osborne who is Co-Founder & CEO, and they are believed to have more than $1bn in capital; its investors are undisclosed. “Ian works more on the fundraising side of the fund, and Philippe de Mota is more the investment brains,” one founder close to the fund told Sifted, adding that the hub of partners work “really well as a team” and are “more flexible than other VCs.” Sifted.

  • Todd Anderson

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