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Fraud Fight Club debuts at Fintech Nexus USA 2023

This year’s Fintech Nexus USA attendees have yet another thing to be excited about. 

Joining forces with fraud experts, About Fraud, Fintech Nexus brings a super-track experience to this year’s event. “Fraud Fight Club” brings the greatest minds in the fraud-fighting world together for the first time to talk about the ongoing threat and how to fight it. 

Built for fraud fighters, by fraud fighters, expect content that gets to the heart of today’s pressing issues, featuring leaders in the field, such as Ranjita Iyer from Mastercard, Frank McKenna from Point Predictive, and Mary Ann Miller from Prove.

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fraud fight club


Running the entire event length, the “Club” will feature fraud-specific keynotes and days full of panel discussions on all aspects of the fight against fraud. Accredited by The Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists (ACFCS). Attendees can receive up to seven continuing education credits toward their CFCS.

Panel titles span from “Real-time Scams: Real-Time Payments’ Biggest Fraud Challenge” to “Innovation in Customer Authentication: Addressing ATOs, Bots and Bad Actors” on day one and “Fakers Gonna Fake: Practical Tips for Addressing Synthetic ID Fraud” to “The Core Elements to Build a Top-Notch Fraud Fighting Department,” ensuring attendees get a full breadth of the sector in between networking with their peers.

Positioned within the Fintech Nexus conference, ticket holders to the Fraud Fight Club will also have access to the entire range of content, networking opportunities, and refreshments of the Fintech Nexus event. 

“We were delighted to find a global community built for fraud fighters,” said Frank McKenna, Co-Founder and Chief Fraud Strategist at Point Predictive. “That really made a difference when understanding the most relevant fraud challenges and knowing the right people to connect with.”

In the words of About Finance — Remember the first rule of Fraud Fight Club. You talk about Fraud Fight Club because we’re in this fight together.

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