Fintech VC Investors Starting to Shift Focus to New Investments

Fintech venture capitalists, like everyone else, have been working through how to perform through the crisis and understand what portfolio companies are in the best position to succeed; Sean Park, Founder and CIO at Anthemis, says to the FT that the past month has been spent focusing on existing investments. “We looked at the balance sheet viability and the business model viability,” he says. “In the first instance the focus was on the former and the risks to viability in the next 12-18 months.”; their taste for deals has not gone away, though funding has dropped a great deal during the last month and a half; many VC’s are beginning to shift their focus and look at new opportunities or finish their investment analysis that began before the crisis set in; “Phase two is how we make the most of it,” says Rob Moffat, Partner at Balderton Capital, to the FT. “It is about focusing on the opportunity. The last financial crisis was, in a way, the birth of fintech and created room for these companies to grow fast. I think we’ll see this again.” Financial Times

  • Emily Donato

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