Fintech One-on-One #433: Marco Argenti of Goldman Sachs

There is no more hyped technology right now than Generative AI. But what does it really mean for financial services? What is the potential? And what about practical applications?

My next guest on the Fintech One-on-One podcast is Marco Argenti, the Chief Information Officer at Goldman Sachs. This interview was recorded at Fintech Nexus USA in New York City on May 10, Marco was actually our opening keynote speaker. And this ended up being the most talked-about session at the entire event. The keynote was titled, A Revolution of Knowledge: Generative AI, Data & Digital Transformation in Financial Services.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • What Marco learned from his time at AWS.
  • What is top of mind at Goldman Sachs when it comes to innovation today.
  • Why he compares Generative AI to the advent of the printing press.
  • The two ways to think about AI today.
  • How AI can help bring internal company knowledge to new employees.
  • How companies can turn their top performers into “superhumans”.
  • A practical example of how you can think about the ROI of AI.
  • The primary opportunities Marco sees for Generative AI.
  • The keys to Goldman’s success in their Platform Solutions business.
  • Why thinking of developers as their clients is key.

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