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Exploring Stripe’s growth in embedded finance, with Stripe Head of Startups for Banking-as-a-Service, Ashwin Kumar

Lex interviews Ashwin Kumar – Stripe’s Head of Startups for Banking-as-a-Service.

Stripe is a financial technology (fintech) company based in San Francisco, CA, whose software allows individuals and businesses to make and receive payments online.

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Ashwin Kumar

In this episode, Lex and Ashwin explore Stripe’s strategic positioning in the transformative world of fintech. From unraveling Stripe’s core mission and approach, Ashwin and Lex provide an enlightening comparison with Amazon’s strategy, shedding light on Stripe’s unique ability to integrate across platforms for exponential reach.

Additionally, Ashwin and Lex touch on the rich understanding of embedded finance and Banking-as-a-Service, key insights into the pivotal role of banking partnerships, and the evolving dynamics of fintech startups in the market landscape.


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Topics: Payments, Banking-as-a-service, banking, fintech, embedded finance, BaaS

Companies: Stripe, Chime, Karat, Ramp, Apple


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1’18”: Understanding Stripe: Deciphering the core bet,  its mission, and defining the concept of a digital company

3’18”: Defining the landscape of fintech: The role of stripe in niche user group services, embedding financial services in SaaS companies, and the evolution towards becoming a financial services arm

6’43”: Exploring Stripe’s unique position in the industry: The exponential reach through platform integrations, a comparative study with Amazon’s strategy, and the unfolding of Stripe’s architectural framework for third-party utilization

12’14”: Distribution to the long tail and solving the last mile problem: Differentiating between embedded finance and Banking-as-a-Service, and understanding the relationship with underlying regulated financial entities

17’15”: Expanding the role of Banks in embedded finance: Regulatory perspectives, compliance work, and the impact of the shrinking U.S. banking sector

18’17”: Stripe’s vision for Bank partnerships: Diversifying distribution and empowering financial institutions in the era of centralizing forces

21’04”: Observing the evolution of fintech: Changes in quality, screening, and focus of emerging tech companies seeking cutting-edge fintech solutions

22’08”: Strategies for fintech startups: Considering distribution, value addition and comprehensive business models for sustainable growth and success in the financial technology landscape

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