Eight Top Employees Have Left Revolut Since Coronavirus Lockdown

AltFi reports that since the middle of March, Revolut has lost eight top employees; the departures are unrelated to the coronavirus according to AltFi who wrote, “The reason for a constant movement at the top of the UK challenger is reportedly Revolut’s relentless quest for profitability and its unforgiving, ruthless culture—first exposed by Wired just over a year ago”; the departures include roles such as their CFO, their head of wealth/trading, their lead data scientist, global head of employer branding and others; at the same time, Revolut is working to fill a UK Chairperson role in order to help them obtain a UK banking license; in response to a Financial News article on the same topic, Revolut pushed back that the article was inaccurate and misleading and that the reasons for departure span exciting new roles as part of career progression or other personal reasons. Altfi

  • Emily Donato

    With efforts in many different areas of the team, she helps manage, organize and execute digital and event content. She works with webinars, podcasts, social media along with managing the hundreds of speakers that attend our conferences. Emily was a part of the Zimmerman Advertising Program at the University of South Florida. She graduated in 2019 receiving a Bachelor of Science in Business Advertising.