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Monday, May 23 & Tuesday, May 24

For bank & fintech professionals seeking to move from crypto-curious to crypto-capable

Cryptonexus is a one-day interactive workshop developed by Fintech Nexus and BanklessDAO to enable financial service and fintech professionals to move from crypto-curious to crypto-capable, safely & confidently.

Advances in blockchain technologies have created new opportunities, challenges and threats to traditional banking organizations and fintechs alike. It is critical for financial service and fintech executives to understand the power of the blockchain, how to use crypto tools, and how to navigate the Web3 landscape to build a better financial future. Cryptonexus helps bridge this gap.

At Cryptonexus you will learn:
  • Blockchain basics: the language of the blockchain
  • What Layer 1 protocols are available, and which ones to use for what
  • Why Ethereum is known as programmable money
  • Leading DeFi protocols, and what they solve
  • How to transact on the blockchain: an introduction to wallets
  • How to create, manage and keep safe a non-custodial crypto wallet
  • Which tools are must-haves for crypto natives
  • Blockchain superpowers: the magic of NFTs
  • How to manage security, taxes and reporting
  • Intro to governance, coordination and DAOs

Meet Your Workshop Leaders

Go from crypto-curious to cryto-capable

Learn how to use crypto tools safely and confidently in this one-day interactive workshop

Your workshop ticket includes:

  • One-day workshop and course materials
  • $300 worth of digital currency
  • Networking breakfast, lunch and happy hour
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