Credit Decisioning Engines in the Cloud


[Editor’s note: This is a white paper from Mambu. Mambu was a Bronze Sponsor at LendIt USA 2016, which took place on April 11-12, 2016, in San Francisco.]

Lending organizations working with MSME or Consumers are differentiating themselves on their customer experience, the user journey, time and cost to service and their pricing models. All of these factors connect to how lending companies can easily and quickly score and make decisions on the borrowers coming in.

In this white paper we look at how organizations are combining a combination of scores from traditional credit bureaus, online social media data profiling, non-traditional credit bureaus and other data sources to either fully automate the decisions of lending or to augment the human element to allow them to ask better question or make more informed decisions.

This Mambu white paper also touches on a few case studies in how they integrated their unique credit decisioning engines with the rest of their loan origination and servicing processes and leveraging cloud tools and technology to give them business agility and reduce time and costs to market.

Download the full white paper: Credit Decisioning Engines in the Cloud

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