Banks Look to Keep up with Phone Operating System Updates from Apple and Google

Most significant banks have a mobile app with features that allow individuals to conduct close to their entire banking life on their phones; keeping up with the operating systems from Apple and Google is a challenge for the banks; banks are not as nimble as fintech startups and so there is a lot more detailed of a process to go through when making technology updates; banks have learned that 80% of users update operating systems within the first month of a new release, which puts pressure on the banks to act quickly; talking to American Banker about staying current, Alice Milligan, the chief customer and digital experience officer of Citi’s global cards business, said, “This requires us to stay at the cutting edge of device and operating system developments in the industry.”; prioritizing what features are most important is key, not everything can get done quickly and this forces banks to make difficult choices; as more people use technology in their financial lives, banks and fintech companies will need to make sure they try to stay ahead of the curve. Source