Anne Boden Discusses IPO, Profitability and More

There had previously been reports that Starling Bank could IPO as soon as 2022, but with the current environment it seems that while an IPO is still a focus, it is likely that it will be pushed back further; CEO Anne Boden stated, “Is a listing in our sights? It’s probably not going to happen this year or maybe next year, but I do think it’s going to happen in the longer term…I’ve always said I didn’t start a bank to sell out to the big boys, so there will probably be an IPO for us eventually.” The company had also planned to become profitable in 2020, but this timeline has been pushed back until 2021; the company is also postponing their European license about three to four months; while some aspects of the business are being pushed back the bank is also seeing some areas expand, namely their lending under the government loan schemes; AltFi shares more data on the current state of the bank today. Altfi

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